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            Yuyao Yohan Magnetics CO.,LTD. is a specializes in exporting for magnets and magnetic products.
            The Factory located in Ningbo which is a manufacturing base for magnets in China, we are working for all kinds of magnets and magnetic assembly. Customer will be easy to find what needs in our factory .
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            At present main materials of the product include N35-N50 ? N35H-N48H ? N35SH-N42SH ? N35UH-N40UH ? N35EH-N40EH.
            The main product of factory include magnetic tile,magnetic ball, hemispherical type,sector type, abnormity type,etc.The magnetic product with ncification,nickel plate, nickel-copper-nickel,plate,goldenplate,black-epoxy,spray-paint,etc.
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            We also develop a magnetic product construction branch factory .
            mainly studies and produces various magnetic assemblies,motor parts,Magnetic coupling,permanent lifting magnets,permanent magnetic chuck and other magnetic constructions .
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            1) MAGNET : Ndfeb magnet , ferrite magnet , flexible rubber magnet ,Alnico magnet , Smco magnet,fridge magnet .
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            2) MAGNETIC TOOL : magnetic fuel saver ,magnetic lifter , magneit holder , magnetic cell phone holder .Magnetic cards . Magnetic sweeper .
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            3) MAGNETIC GIFT :neocube toy , magneic UFO , magnetic bracelet etc .
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Item no.:

How is this possible? Handgum is very unusual product. In the long interval of time Handgum behaves like a liquid, it slowly drains, drips and tries to spread over the surface. For example, if you make a Handgum cube and put on the table, then after a while it will become a puddle. With the rapid effects Handgum behaves like a solid - the same dice thrown on the floor bounce like rubber, and you can break it abruptly, or even a nail to hammer them!

Handgum is original product and have his own unique physical properties. Handgum is similar to Thinking Putty or Silly Putty. Handgum bounces like a ball, stretches like rubber, tears like paper, and can shatter like ceramic. Handgum can also be attracted to a magnet - Super Magnetic Handgum and shift color Glow In The Dark Handgum, Heat Sensitive Handgum. Because there is no water in Handgum silly putty it will never dry out.

Our original product have unique manufacturing process and we use our own know-how which we develop. So our Handgum properties are more better then other unusual plasticine like Gak, Floam, Therapy Putty, Noise Putty, Slime, Mars Mud, Goo, Glux, Fun Plastic, Smart Plasticine, Silly Putty, Potty Putty, Tricky Putty, Nutty Putty, Flubber.

Handgum is very soft and pleasant to the touch without leaving a sticky residue on your hands. You won't feel like you need to "wash up" after playing with Handgum. It is very easy to make any form from Handgum. Handgum does not stick to your hands and other objects. Handgum is like not only the adults, but is suitable for children over 3 years. Handgum very like the cats and dogs.

Handgum - a gift for all occasions!

With your Handum you can sculpt anything. Give it to your friend which come to visit you. Make and show him bouncing ball. Then you can quickly figure and make a cube. And this is what we need! But withing 5 minutes after you give him a cube it starts to fade away and become a cake. Handgum is not regular modeling clay which you know. Handgum can glow in the dark. If you make a ball it can bouncing as an bouncing ball. Stretches like rubber. Heat Sensitive Handgum will change color with different temperature. The Super Magnetic handgum you can magnetize as an neodymium magnet which will attract other items as an regular magnet. With the handgum you can do anything, just can not eat!

Handgum is not only a crazy toy, but very useful product!

The Handgum can help to reduce your stress and you'll have fun doing it. Make from Handgum agreat stress ball which also improve motor skills of fingers, handwriting, reduces aggression and irritation, and promotes creative thinking. With Handgum you can creates a positive emotional background and is an excellent anti-stress. Moulding Handgum in one hand as you work or relax is an effective method of reducing stress. Great birthday or holidy gift. Perfect office toy.

Add:Henghe Industrial Zone ,Cixi Ningbo , Zhejiang .China .315 318 Tel:574-63024408 Fax:574-63024737